Eat Café is the brainchild of these two people who wanted to share their love for food with as many people as possible.

Harper Brown’s love for cooking started from watching and helping out her grandma in the kitchen. She is a classically trained chef with expertise in food science, food making, and food nutrition. She has been working as a professional chef since 2000 and has worked with various award-winning chefs and hotels. Harper has spent years learning to cook different cuisines, learning different techniques and ways to make food. More importantly, she has spent the better part of the last decade finding even better ways to improve her cooking and the way we prepare food. She is always on the search for ways to elevate her craft, which is why she created Eat Café. Harper has also taught at Boise State University’s culinary arts program and various short courses offered throughout the intermountain state. Her students love her for her precision when it comes to cooking that she balances with ample creative freedom. Harper brings the same intensity in her classrooms at Eat Café.

Oliver Jones received his culinary training at Boise State University’s culinary arts program. He has been working as a professional chef for over 20 years. He has worked with a Michelin-star restaurant and five-star hotels throughout the country, climbing his way up from entry level chef, chopping onions, to sous chef, and eventually to Chef de Cuisine. As a chef, he is also well-versed in food science and food nutrition. Oliver’s passion, however, extends beyond cooking. He is also passionate about teaching and, after teaching at various culinary schools, he believes that even the faintest spark of interest in cooking could be kindled into a bright fire. He believes that there are a lot of people with untapped talent in cooking. This is his driving force for leaving his prestigious position as Chef de Cuisine to found Eat Café. Oliver looks forward to meeting new people who like food like he does. He cannot wait to share what he has learned over the years and, hopefully, inspire you to nurture your passion for cooking.

Harper Brown and Oliver Jones were brought together by their love for food and cooking. We are experts in food science, food making and food nutrition and wish to share our vast repertoire of skills, techniques and recipes with YOU to help you get the most and the best from your cooking and your food! Join us as we open the doors to Eat Café and build a community of food lovers.