supper club

Eat Café was established by two classically trained chefs who have spent years perfecting their craft under the supervision of some of the best in the industry. This is a product of our passion for food and cooking. We believe that good food is possible through a combination of high quality ingredients, proper techniques, patience, and creativity. As classically trained chefs with decades’ worth of experience in the kitchen and as teachers, we feel it is not enough to simply work in the kitchen or in the classroom, so we decided to create a space where we—and you—can do both.

Our mission at Eat Café is to foster a space for creativity and growth and we believe that these can be achieved through eating and cooking. We aim to serve the Kuna community with great food that is uniquely Eat Café using the skills and knowledge we have honed through the years. There are no boring meals at Eat Café. We guarantee that each dish is prepared with great skill, care, and love.

making food is bliss

It is our goal in establishing Eat Café to foster a space for sharing knowledge and nurturing passionate individuals’ talent in creating even better food. We are here to help others grow and learn in the kitchen with skills, techniques, and recipes. We hope to make Eat Café a platform for self-improvement and empowering individuals to create delicious, healthy food on their own while also enjoying in the kitchen. We stand on the shoulders of the old and new masters who perfected the culinary techniques we are now honored to share with others.

We hope that Eat Café will grow from being a place people love to eat at into a creative culinary community of food lovers and chefs.