eat cafe is a food club, cooking school and charity

Eat Café is a underground, pop-up supper club-style restaurant-slash-cooking class and learning hub at Main St., Kuna, Idaho, deeply and passionately involved in community care, outreach and giving back.

We are owned and operated by two classically trained chefs with a strong passion for creating great food and teaching culinary techniques. Harper and Oliver are both classically trained chefs with decades of experience in the culinary world under their belts. They created Eat Café not just to share their food creations but also to share the knowledge they have acquired over the years and, ultimately, foster people’s passion for cooking.

chefs working at eat cafe

Eat Café welcomes all who love food. You are welcome to enjoy our menu and dinner menu, which were personally developed by the Eat Café team. They have experimented and refined their recipes to perfection for your pleasure.

Each dish you see on the menu is a product of love and hours of work. Each one was carefully selected to be part of our menu, representing what Eat Café is and what it can offer to you. Eat Café is a cozy place to relax either on your own or with friends or family. Underscore memories with your loved ones with unforgettable food.

At Eat Café you also have an opportunity to grow and deepen your love for food. There is a spot for you regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen in our online culinary courses. Eat Café’s duo of professional chefs have brought together their knowledge in food science, food making, and food nutrition to help you boost your passion for cooking.

You will learn the foundations to succeed in the kitchen as well as more complex techniques and recipes that will certainly elevate the way you prepare your food. These courses are suitable for everyone who wants to learn how to cook well—from newbies to home cooks to cooks with professional experience. There is surely something new and useful you will pick up from one of our culinary courses.

Eat Café’s culinary courses will be offered online so you can follow our instructions from your home. However, although we are not physically together, we hope that the courses, and Eat Café, will be a vehicle for the creation of a community of food lovers in Kuna.

chefs working to prepare dinner for geusts

Eat Café is more than just a place for eating. It is a place for learning and growth and community. Everyone at Eat Café is here to learn better ways to make food. Yes, even Harper and Oliver. This is their quest to expand their own knowledge and expertise in the kitchen, which they are always more than excited to share with you, their community. They, too, are here to learn; and they are sure they will learn as much from you as you will from them. We hope to build a community that exchanges ideas equally regardless of experience. This is the best way for each one to learn and encourage their love for cooking. If you are excited about the food and knowledge we have to offer, we encourage you to join our Eat Café community!

At Eat Café, we celebrate food but we also recognize that not everyone has the luxury of enjoying food for its flavors. Eat Café’s advocacy is not just to spread our love and passion for cooking but also to help alleviate the hunger problem in the United States. With your help, Eat Café is helping support the work of Feeding America to end hunger and food insecurity. Our community is not an exclusive one—we welcome anyone who is interested in food. In the same vein, we consider everyone who needs help with food insecurity a part of our community. It would be irresponsible to leave some individuals or groups without food while we claim to elevate food. At Eat Café, no man (or woman) is left behind.

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