We hope that you love our edible creations as much as we enjoyed creating them. Working in the kitchen is no walk in the park, but creating something out of raw materials brings us immense pleasure. The exhausting work of developing recipes and cooking all day in the kitchen becomes worthwhile whenever we see people genuinely enjoy our food. We can only hope to convey our love for the culinary arts through the food that we serve at Eat Café, which is why we thought of a better and infallible way to pass our passion to others in our community: an online teaching course where you, too, can learn and appreciate the process of food making.

We are sure that there are many at Kuna who are passionate about food like us, and surely, many more are interested to explore or expand their basic knowledge. Whether you want to hone your skills for your career or business, learn better techniques to elevate your home cooking, or simply learn to cook for yourself, there is a space for you at Eat Café.

Eat Café is planning to launch an online teaching course that will be taught by a classically trained chef. Eat Café’s courses shall be offered online for now so you can learn, practice, and experiment in the comfort of your own kitchen. It will go through the basic skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the kitchen and then explore progressively complex techniques and dishes. We hope to offer the initial short online chef course for free so you can get a feel for what you will get into before you officially subscribe.

Are you interested in diving deep into the culinary world? Then, join Eat Café’s Community Open House. We are still in the process of finalizing the contents of our online culinary courses and the details of the community open house. We are certainly as excited as you are to impart our knowledge to a community of eager individuals and meet likeminded individuals. Please be patient with us as we craft the perfect courses to help you get the most of your kitchen. Keep coming back to this page for updates and announcemen