Eat Café is a locally owned micro business, found and operated by two classically trained chefs with a passion for food and teaching. We poured our hearts and souls into this small business, and opening Eat Café is a dream come true for us. We have worked long hours and made countless sacrifices to make all of this happen—so we can share our creations and knowledge with you. While our passion is a never-ending fountain, we cannot guarantee that our resources will be. We are doing our best to keep Eat Café up and running on our own, but we would be lying if we denied that we could use a little help from our community.

Eat Café is first and foremost a space where we can share the food we create and the knowledge we have acquired over the years surrounded by awesome colleagues.  If you believe in what we do and wish to support our mission and business, you may do so right here.

When you support Eat Café, what you are supporting is more than just a local business. Firstly, you are supporting a platform for two passionate chefs to hone our craft and continue experimenting to deliver better food to the Kuna community and eventually, to the rest of the country. Secondly, you are supporting a space for other talented individuals or those interested in learning the culinary craft to explore and make great food for themselves, their friends, their family, and the greater population. Your support will enable us to maintain our space and creative freedom to cook and teach in ways that we believe are the finest, as well as foster more talent that could drive the culinary industry further forward.

Learn more about our mission and our various programs, guides, articles, and more in our Blog.