Eat Café is not your ordinary café /underground restaurant/ supper club / closed door restaurant. We do not just serve excellent food; we also teach others how to make their cooking better and we do it all for free and for a good cause!

We have spent years forming our recipes that you can enjoy at Eat Café. We tasted them, then served them to our families and friends, sometimes earning their applause, other times head-shaking. Isn’t this always the process of creation and learning?

Give our cooking a try at our café / private kitchen / pop-up restaurant and learn from the very minds and hands that created them through our courses. We will be offering in-depth culinary courses online that you can subscribe to for a small fee. But before you subscribe you can try our short course that we offer for free. Of course, the short course is a sampler to let you see what is in store for you when you subscribe to our online culinary course. All our courses will be made available online soon. Stay tuned for our announcements regarding our service offerings!

In addition, there will always be new announcements and updates posted in our Blog